Day 14 – Places I’ve been

Day 14 – Places I’ve been

I do love to travel. Nothing like getting on that big ol jet airliner and getting there in a flash. However, more than I’ve flown, I’ve driven or ridden to numerous destinations. I’ve compiled yet another list of places, except this time, they are places that I have visited someway or somehow or another.

  • Arizona – I lived in Tucson for 2 years. I visited Tombstone, Phoenix, Marana, Nogales, Sierra Vista and a few other towns while I lived there.
  • Texas – I traveled through there when I moved to and left Arizona.
  • Arkansas – Traveled through when I moved to and left Arizona.
  • Oklahoma – Traveled through when I moved to and left Arizona.
  • Tennessee – I lived on the border of TN most of my life. I have been to many, many places in TN including but not limited to Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Pigeon Forge. I even visited Graceland.
  • Louisiana – I’ve been to New Orleans on 3 separate occasions; once as a child and twice as an adult. I love it there.
  • Florida – I’ve been to Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Panama City, Tampa, Orlando, Kissimmee, Anna Maria Island, and Clearwater.
  • Georgia – I’ve been to Atlanta and a few other cities that I can’t remember.
  • Alabama – I’ve been to Mobile, Birmingham, Montgomery, and Phenix City.
  • Kentucky – I was born and raised in KY. I’ve been to quite a few cities in KY, but I feel like I’ve traveled more outside the state than inside the state.
  • New Mexico – I traveled through there when I loved to Arizona.
  • Ohio – I don’t live very far from Ohio and we’ve been to Cincinnati on numerous occasions.
  • Wisconsin – My aunt lives there and I visited a lot as a child. She lives in Sturgeon Bay, but I know we’ve visited Milwaukee as well.
  • Illinois – Traveled through Illinois to go to Wisconsin. We’ve traveled around Chicago. I’d love to go back there as my father-in-law lives in Illinois. Hopefully soon!
  • Indiana – I’ve gone to Indiana a lot. When I lived in Western Kentucky I visited Evansville quite a bit. Since I’ve lived here, my previous job had me traveling back and forth to Indianapolis on a semi-regular basis.
  • Missouri – Traveled through there to go to Colorado.
  • Mississippi – A lot of my family lives in Mississippi. I’ve visited Meridian lots of times as a child.
  • Colorado – My brother lives in Colorado Springs and I’ve visited there quite a bit as a child. I’ve also gone to Denver and Pueblo.
  • Kansas – Traveled extensively though Kansas on trips to Colorado. I hated it. It’s the most boring state to travel through except when you’re driving through Texas.
  • Mexico – I’ve been to Nogales once. It was horrible and I don’t want to go to Mexico again unless it’s a resort.
  • The Cayman Islands – I’ve been to Grand Cayman on a cruise. We had a day excursion and I was able to go to a sea turtle farm and swim with sting rays on a sandbar in the middle of the Caribbean. It was a awesome experience.
  • Jamaica – On the same cruise we went to Ocho Rios. The best part about the day excursion there was swimming with dolphins. I’m not sure if I would have ever gotten to experience that otherwise. However, I wasn’t fond of Jamaica. It’s a dirty country, If I ever visited again it would be to a Sandals resort.

Well, there you have it. I would love to visit other places and I’m hoping as the years progress and our debts get smaller and smaller than traveling will be on our agenda. Where have you been?

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Day 13 – Places I want to go

Day 13 – Places I want to go

I’ve often thought about this… If I had the time and opportunity, where would I want to visit? I’m compiled a list… Let me know down below if you’ve ever been to any of these places and what your experience was like, I would love to know!

  • California – I know, this doesn’t seem so exotic, but to me, it is. I’ve never been there. When I lived in Arizona, we were about 6 hours away from San Diego. I could kick myself for not visiting at least once. My mother-in-law also lives there, so I have a great reason to visit, just no funds to get there as of yet. I’m hoping that this year will be a year we will finally put a big dent in our debt and we will be able to visit. She lives in Northern California in the Bay area. Of course I would love to visit there, but I would also love to go to Los Angeles and Hollywood. I want to see the walk of fame and do the home tour and see where the stars live. I’d like to go to the Hollywood sign and visualize what old Hollywood was like. I’m crossing my fingers to be able to make it there before I’m old and completely gray.
  • Hawaii – I would never want to live there because the cost of living is so high, but I would love to visit at least once. I’ve seen so many pictures and TV shows, it’s beautiful and I would like to see in person instead of just my mind’s eye.
  • Alaska – I know it would be just as beautiful as Hawaii, but in a different way. Maybe a cruise, maybe a visit is in my future, who knows, but I would love if it could happen.
  • The Grand Canyon – I know, I lived in Arizona and never visited. One day I will see that big hole in the earth. I hear it is something to behold.
  • New York City – This is definitely on my list of places to see. We live about 9 – 10 hours from there. I don’t want to visit at just any old time. I want to go around the holidays. I would love to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I would love to go to Rockefeller Center and watch people ice skate. I would love to just watch the hustle and bustle of the crowds as they prepare for Christmas. I know one year we will make it there.
  • Italy – I don’t even care what part of Italy, maybe Tuscany, maybe Rome. I just want to see it for myself. I picture rustic villas on rolling country sides. I know I would fall in love with the country.
  • Greece – Real sapphire blue water, delicious food, music; oh how I want to see it for myself.
  • Ireland – Perhaps it’s because I’m part Irish, but I have always felt that I would love Ireland. You see so many pictures of the beautiful green rolling hills… That is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit.
  • England – I want to visit England and see where the Queen lives. I want to see a real live Pub and sample fish and chips the way the Brits do. I want to try warm beer and drive on the wrong side of the road.🙂
  • Germany – I have always wanted to visit Germany since I was a child. My parents lived there for several years when my dad was in the Army. My brothers and sisters told me about living there and how much they enjoyed it, but I never got to see it. I would love to visit Berlin especially. So much history in this country. I know I would love it there.

That’s my list so far, I’m sure there are other places I would enjoy visiting. Those are just the top on my list currently. I know there are other beautiful places within the U.S. that I want to see, and eventually when we retire, maybe we’ll get and RV and do a lot of traveling. We live in a beautiful country with so much to offer.

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Day 12 – Family

Day 12 – Family


I found this quote online and I have to say, that’s how I feel about my family. Some of us live in different parts of the country, but I truly believe that because we are family, we are rooted together as one. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I feel sorry for people who don’t have a family like mine. Sure, we have our problems, our ups and downs, but I would gladly lay down my life for any member of my family. In my opinion my parents are the best parents anyone could ever ask for… They have been together for over 50 years. They have had struggles and strife and it surely wasn’t easy raising 5 totally different human beings, but they did it.

In my family it was never about “things” it was always about love. I’m proud to say that I was raised with more love than I could ever have imagined. I never thought that I was given any more or any less love than my siblings and I never felt that we were treated any differently. I never thought my parents played favorites, but I was blessed with being able to spend a lot of alone time with my parents because my siblings were so much older. Whenever I do think of my family, I always think of my parents first. They are the glue that held and still hold us all together. Even if my siblings and I get mad at one another, we can always come together for the sake of my parents.

As I said, I wish my parents could have been parents to everyone who had less than a happy childhood. I believe they shaped me into the person I am today. Of course I have bitchy moments, but whenever I’m kind and full of love, I know that’s my parents shining through me. They did the best they could do with what they had, including with their kids. If we’re somehow not living up to our potential, that is our cross to bear, we are responsible for who we have become, they just tried to light the way the only way they could. I personally feel proud and honored to have them as my parents. They are beautiful and generous and amazing people. I thank God everyday that I still have them.

When you think of family, what do you think of? Friends or family? Because to a lot of people friends are family. Let me know down below!

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Day 11 – Hobbies

Day 11 – Hobbies


This one will be quick and to the point. I don’t really have any hobbies except for blogging. I do enjoy reading and I used to enjoy writing stories, but I’ve kind of stopped doing a lot of both of those things. I do miss writing, though. I think that’s why I blog. It gives me a quicker sense of accomplishment and I’m hoping eventually that will make me want to write again.

I love the idea of hobbies… I keep thinking that I’ll garden in the summer, but summer gets so hot, and I hate getting hot eventually I wind up staying indoors and watching TV. I guess watching TV is a hobby, a brainless one, but a hobby nonetheless. I do like to do renovations to the house when we have the money. I love to paint the walls and decorate. I also love to shop when I can.

Maybe I have more hobbies than I think. I think we’ll come back to this one when it’s more set in stone.

What kinds of hobbies do you have? Anything fun? Hiking, biking, drawing, writing? Let me know down below!

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Day 10 – Favorite TV Shows

Day 10 – Favorite TV Shows

Wow – there have been quite a few TV shows that I’ve watched lately. I’m not sure if they are really favorites or if I watch them out of pure boredom, but I’m going to list them below. I don’t watch TV because I’m looking to feed some intellectual need. I watch TV for entertainment purposes only. I realize that I watch a lot of garbage TV. Someone has to do it, might as well be me.

  1. The Big Bang Theory – I just started watching this TV show last year. I can’t believe I waited until the 6th or 7th season to jump on the bandwagon. I love Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, and Mayim Bialik otherwise known as Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Amy. I like Bernadette, too, just not as much as the rest. I do feel like the first few seasons were better and a little more funny. I find it hard to believe that Sheldon, while he has changed from the first season, still has so many quirks and still has trouble understanding everyday emotions. However, I will forever be a fan and DVR every channel that airs the show.
  2. The Vampire Diaries – I still love this show. I faithfully watch it every Thursday on the CW. While some may consider this show to be for young adults, I don’t care. I love Ian Somerhalder and think he does a great job as Damon. The rest of the cast is also good, but he’s my favorite.
  3. Scandal – LOVE, love, love this show. I started watching it on Netflix to catch up and it didn’t take me long before I was ready to start DVRing new seasons. I think Kerry Washington does a great job playing Olivia and being a “fixer”. I love the scandalous relationship between her character and Tony Goldwyn’s President Grant. I was so happy when the new season started. I won’t be able to tear myself away!
  4. The Walking Dead – Maybe this should have been #1, because I love this show. The entire cast and crew are so unbelievably talented. Sunday nights are my favorite night of the week. Now, I just need to read the graphic novels.
  5. Justified – Just a really well-written show, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s supposed to be based in my neck of the woods, or that the main character, Raylan Givens is played by Timothy Olyphant, whom I adore. If you’ve never watched this show, it’s worth a look. I subscribed to Amazon Prime just so I could get access to all the seasons.
  6. Sons of Anarchy – This show never fails me. I think the cast is awesome and Charlie Hunnam is beautiful. Katey Sagal  has come a long way from her role as Peg Bundy. I can’t wait for the new season to start-up.
  7. Hell on Wheels – I think we started watching this show once the Walking Dead season ended. We thought we would just give it a try and see how it went. In the end we became big fans. I love it and would love to watch more shows based on this timeline. I think Anson Mount and Common work so well together and each bring something different to the table. If you’ve never watched it, find it on Netflix and start from the beginning. It’s so good.
  8. Breaking Bad – I’m so sad that this show ended. I realize that it could not go on forever, but it was so different. You really did find yourself rooting for the bad guy and when does that happen? Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are both amazing actors who made you believe they WERE Walter and Jesse. Netflix just made available the last season for streaming, so if you’ve never watched this show, please watch it from beginning to end. It’s unbelievable.

Those are probably my favorite not garbage, to me, TV shows, now I’m going to list some of my favorite garbage TV shows:

  1. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – Don’t ask me why I watch this show, I don’t know. It’s not as funny as the first season, but I still DVR this show and watch it. I don’t think that Mama June is as dumb as she is portrayed; I honestly think she’s very bright and knows what to do to get her family in the spotlight and on TV.
  2. Teen Mom 2 – I love these girls, Jenelle has even grown on me and the only girl I fast-forward through is Leah. I’m not sure why she think she’s the only mother who has ever had a child with a disability. I honestly think that she needs to get out of WV and find a job to help support her family. She is relying far too much on her new husband to take care of 2 kids that she had with another man. Chelsea is my favorite, yes, she’s spoiled, but she seems grateful to her dad for what he does for her, and she adores her daughter, Aubree. You don’t have to like the show, you don’t even have to watch it, but don’t give me shit for watching it. It’s my guilty pleasure, accept it.
  3. Duck Dynasty – I know all the controversy and yet I simply do not care. I find or did find this show to be quite funny, especially Uncle Si. However, I do think that things have gone downhill and they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for storylines. I know it’s staged, you can tell it’s staged. I read somewhere that the guys beards were even fake. Maybe so, but I hear this is the last season of the show, so I’ll watch it until it’s over or until the storylines are so dumb that even I can’t bear to watch.
  4. Ridiculousness – My nephew got me into this show. I like it. I mean who doesn’t like to see someone fall down and hurt themselves or get hit in the nuts with various objects? It makes me laugh out loud sometimes. I’ll take shit TV for 500, Alex, as long as it makes me laugh.
  5. Toy Hunter & Thrift Hunters – I’m linking these 2 together because they’re pretty much the same thing. I mean one is looking for toys and the other various junk to resell. While I enjoy both shows, I also think they are fairly rigged. I find it hard to believe that the items these people are finding and selling are just random finds and not items they already have and are just planting in various locations for the surprise factor. I take it purely at face value.
  6. The Voice – I know, why is this linked in with the garbage TV? Well, because I think most talent shows are fixed. I’ve seen so many where people who weren’t as talented as the runner-up have won. They say the audience picks, but I also think there is a say so among producers and judges. I might be wrong, but that’s what I believe.
  7. Chrisley Knows Best – This show has not technically started. The first episode was available to watch on Hulu, and I’ve been seeing previews for it so I decided to check it out. I liked it, it will be one of the garbage TV shows I watch on a regular basis once it starts.

That’s all of the garbage TV I could think of, I’m sure there is more, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. Also, I wanted to a little honorable mention section. These are shows from past and present and shows that I’ve only watched a few episodes of but think I should watch more of… I know it seems like I watch a lot of TV and I have watched a lot in the past 2 years because I haven’t been working. So here we go…

  1. One Tree Hill
  2. Dawson’s Creek – I still play episodes on Netflix sometimes, but usually only the ones where Pacey and Joey are a couple.
  3. Beverly Hills, 90210 – I loved this show in high school. Watching it now makes me wonder what I ever saw in it, but sometimes I’ll watch it just for the hell of it.
  4. Friends – Still love it.
  5. Seinfeld – LOVE!
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – I didn’t start watching this until it was WAY off the air, but it was cheesy goodness and I think one day I will re-watch it.
  7. Melrose Place (90’s) – This show had it all, sex, drugs, scandal, murder… it was almost like a Dallas for Dynasty for the 90’s; even my dad watched it. It was great. I think I liked it more than 90210.
  8. Ally McBeal – It was quirky and cute. I really enjoyed it… Loved all the singing and silly dreams and flashbacks.
  9. Sex & the City – I loved this show even though Carrie got on my nerves. She never knew she had a good thing, especially when she was with Aiden. I know, I know, she loved Mr. Big. Me too. Chris Noth was great in that role. Very handsome and debonair. I occasionally watch re-runs and have seen all the movies.
  10. The Carrie Diaries – Don’t judge. I like watching this show because it’s supposed to be in the 80’s and they play a lot of good 80’s music and I like seeing Carrie Bradshaw as a teenager. She’s still self-righteous as hell, but her boyfriend Sebastian was cute and I say that in the most non-pedophilic kind of way. Besides, I think he’s 20 in real life, so I’m safe.
  11. Law & Order – All of them, but especially the original and Criminal Intent with Vincent D’Onofrio. I have loved him since he played Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket. I sure do miss Lenny, ie Jerry Orbach. Great shows.
  12. How I Met your Mother – I started out really loving this show, but it just kept going on and on and on… Eventually you stop caring who he married. I stopped watching long before it was ever revealed, if it has been revealed. One day I’ll pick it up again, but right now I’ve got enough on my list.
  13. New Girl – I love Zooey Deschanel. I think she is so pretty and quirky and sings beautifully. I’ve liked her ever since I saw Elf for the first time. I love her version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Great show! I’ve only watched some of the first season, but I’m slowly catching up.
  14. The Office (US Version) – I know some people like the UK version, but not me. I fell in love with the original cast members from the very first episode and literally cried when it ended. If you’ve never watched this show, give it a whirl.
  15. Orange is the New Black – Such a great show, bravo Netflix for putting on a really good show. I haven’t finished watching the first season, but I really like it.
  16. Bones – I’m iffy on this show at best. While I have loved David Boreanaz since his days as Angel on Buffy, I’m not a huge fan of Emily Deschanel. She’s kind of the Sheldon Cooper of crime dramas. After so many seasons you have to believe that she HAS to understand human emotion more than she does… I mean, she is human after all. I watch this show on Netflix. I’m behind a bunch of seasons and will eventually get caught up, it’s just not top on my list.
  17. The Following – LOVE Kevin Bacon, for some reason this show did not get great reviews, but I love it. I’m playing catchup on Netflix, but I find it to be really good and I love seeing Kevin Bacon in anything. I definitely recommend this one.
  18. Nashville – I have been watching this on HuluPlus. I really like this show, maybe because I lived so close to Nashville for the majority of my life, but I find there to be a lot of discrepancies in the depiction of the area, but I get it. It’s TV. Still worth a watch!
  19. Once Upon a Time – I watched the first season and tried to watch the second season, but I didn’t like it as much so I stopped. If you like fantasy type stories you’d probably enjoy this one… It’s decent, and I love Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White. I’ve liked her since Mona Lisa Smile and when I used to watch Big Love on HBO.
  20. American Horror Story – I absolutely loved the first season, but I have found it hard to stay interested in the following seasons. Jessica Lange is excellent and I’m glad to see her in something new, but I just don’t find it as interesting as I thought I would.
  21. The Killing – I LOVE this show. It’s not on the top of my list, but definitely in the honorable mention category. If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. The first seasons are available on Netflix. I love the characters, check it out!
  22. The Bridge – Another one that I highly recommend. It’s another crime drama, those are my favorites. It’s about cops in Juarez, Mexico and the cops in El Paso, TX working together because the only thing that separates the two is the Bridge between them. It’s really good.
  23. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – I’ve only watched about 5 episodes of this show, but I really enjoyed it. I really love Charlie Day. I fell in love with him when I watched Horrible Bosses. I love how his voice is so squeaky and how he gets so over-excited about things. The show is good, but I just haven’t sat down to binge watch it yet.
  24. The X-Files – I so miss Mulder and Scully. I sometimes turn it on and listen to them talk while I do housework. This was definitely my favorite show in the 90’s until Mulder left and the guy from Terminator 2 showed up. I enjoyed the movies, as well. I was so glad to see that Mulder and Scully actually got together in the end. If you’ve never watched The X-Files either because you were too young or had no interest. I encourage you to watch a few episodes. I love the paranormal episodes better than the ones about aliens, but I watched them all.
  25. The Golden Girls – Last but certainly not least. I still watch them when they come on TV and I even own all of the DVD’s. Reminds me so much of my childhood and watching this show with my parents. It still makes me laugh. I miss them all, but I’m so glad Betty White is still around to make me giggle.

Welp, there ya have it. This was such a long post, but I hope someone will take the time to read it and let me know what shows you like and maybe give me a different perspective or a new show to watch. Thanks for reading!

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Day 9 – Favorite Movies

Day 9 – Favorite Movies

Well, I’m behind again. Life and all that.

Today I’m going to talk about my favorite movies. There are quite a few, so here we go…

  1. The Breakfast Club
  2. The Goonies
  3. Pulp Fiction
  4. Full Metal Jacket
  5. American Beauty
  6. The Usual Suspects
  7. Swingers
  8. Clerks – Kevin Smith at his finest
  9. Mallrats – ditto!
  10. The Lost Boys
  11. Stand by Me
  12. Dirty Dancing – typical chick movie, I know
  13. Chocolat – this movie is so good I could literally watch it everyday.
  14. Under the Tuscan Sun
  15. Legends of the Fall
  16. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  17. Wedding Crashers
  18. Old School
  19. Interview with the Vampire
  20. Mona Lisa Smile
  21. Steel Magnolias
  22. Mystic Pizza – very underrated movie. I recommend this movie.
  23. Walk the Line
  24. Coal Miner’s Daughter
  25. The Man in the Moon – with Reese Witherspoon as a young girl. So incredibly good. Love this movie.
  26. The Departed – I watch this every time I see it on TV.
  27. Parenthood – this movie was so good. Steve Martin was real and funny and not annoying at all in this movie.
  28. St. Elmo’s Fire
  29. Sixteen Candles
  30. Saving Private Ryan

I know there are tons more, but that’s all I’m going to list at present. What are your favorite movies? Do you have any on my list? Let me know down below!

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Day 8 – What’s in my bag or purse

Day 8 – What’s in my bag or purse

I know a lot of YouTubers do this tag, but it just so happens it’s on my list of 30 things to post about in 30 days. It’s not really day 8’s topic, but I thought I would switch things up a bit. I always find it interesting to see what people carry in their bags. Am I the only one? Have you ever just wanted to rip a purse off someone’s shoulder and dump the contents on the ground? No? either.

I also took a picture of my bag and the contents so you’ll have a visual aid.

So the first thing you’ll notice is what type of bag I carry. It’s nothing special really. I found it at the Goodwill for $3. Yes, I’m a thrifter, but normally I thrift to resell. Occasionally I’ll find something I like it, too. Just so happens the purse I’m carrying is such a find.

Kenneth Cole Reaction bag, purchased from Goodwill for a mere $3.

Kenneth Cole Reaction bag, purchased from Goodwill for a mere $3.

It is a Kenneth Cole Reaction purse. Very simple. Petite, with a nice handle and I can actually carry it on my shoulder without it falling down. It may or may not be real leather, I can’t really tell, there’s not much of a leather smell to it and no tag that I found on the inside. Even so, it’s a nice little everyday bag.

The contents of my bag.

The contents of my bag.

Above is the contents of above mentioned bag. I’ll make a brief list of the contents. It’s not really that extensive.

  • Kate Spade wallet – hot pink patent leather (real leather) – purchased this from eBay several years ago but had not used it until I put it in this purse. It was brand new when I purchased it, complete with tags and a little card from Kate Spade New York. I bought it for less than the original price, but it was still not cheap by any means, BUT I love it.
  • Receipt for dinner last night at Chuy’s. Since I blogged about my favorite restaurant the other day, I felt I had no choice but to bask in its deliciousness once again. Also, we hadn’t eaten out at a sit-down restaurant in quite a while. We were celebrating my new employment.🙂
  • Twisted Peppermint hand cream from Bath & Body Works. I love this stuff. It’s thick, but it soaks into your skin really well and the peppermint smell isn’t so overwhelming that it interferes with life. I bought this around Christmas when I took advantage of B&BW 20% off coupon I received in the mail. I love B&BW, but since I haven’t been employed in almost 2 years a lot of my supply has dwindled. I don’t see it as a necessity, but I figured it was okay to buy a couple of items for myself if I was purchasing Christmas gifts, too. Plus, I had a coupon, remember?
  • Orbit Peppermint gum. I don’t always have gum in my purse, but yesterday after dinner, I needed something to combat the salsa and guacamole breath. Peppermint is always my go to flavor of any gum, it just has to be sugar-free. Those darn toothies again. I also like spearmint and cinnamon occasionally, but find they don’t always make my mouth feel minty fresh.
  • 2 sanitary napkins for just in case. No further explanation is necessary.
  • An excessive amount of pens and mechanical pencils. My excuse for that is… well, I don’t have one. I’ve been caught once too often without a writing utensil of some kind so I keep an obsessive amount in my purse? No, it’s because I have a problem when it comes to pens and pencils. I have bins of pens and markers in my closet and I also have an abnormal amount out on my desk. It’s a problem. I deal with it by trying to stay out of the stationery aisle at stores…but it doesn’t work. Just think, once I go back to work, I’ll need NEW writing utensils. I’m giddy just thinking about it.
  • Some more receipts: Wal-Mart and 2 different receipts for Goodwill.
  • Lip products: NYC lip gloss in some kind of caramel shade, Blistex, and Nivea lip butter in the original tin. I have an unusual amount of lip products, too. Not in my purse, just in my possession period. I love lip stuff almost as much as I love pens! I love to find a good lip product and stick with it. I never wear lip stick, just glosses or balms. I don’t like how heavy some products feel on your lips and I can’t stand one that after a while my lips feel like they’re shedding skin. Blistex is for chapped lips, and the Nivea tin is super awesome, too. It’s light and has very little scent. I also have the Nivea Vanilla and Macadamia Nut one, too… It’s heavenly.

Well, there ya have it. Maybe you learned a little about me… maybe stuff you cared to know, maybe not. I still have room for my phone in my bag. It’s almost like a clown car. I’m sure if I tried I could get more stuff inside. Thanks for reading! As always you can follow me on twitter @cynsthinktank or like Cyn’s Think Tank on Facebook!